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Services Offered

MedVitaz Pharma consulting healthcare company specialized in providing targeted therapy available in India and medicines to patients, physicians and hospitals under Named Patient Program/Manage Access Program in India and Overseas.

On Oncology Treatments

Getting a Second Opinion

We can help the patients from any city from India or Abroad to connect with specialist and take second opinion for their ongoing treatment or complete understanding of their therapy.
Support for Anti-Cancer Drugs

Medical Tourism

We can help you in taking specialized treatments for cancer, Liver& Kidney transplants, Neuro & cardiac Surgeries.

US FDA / EMA Approved Medicines

Procurement of Oncology Medicines

There are some medicines which have been approved recently in USA or Europe but not yet approved in India or any other countries are not permitted to be imported or marketed commercially.
Medicine & Treatment Tourism


We work directly with a global network of approved distributors/wholesalers and audited suppliers to assure a steady and consistent supply of pharmaceutical products.